International Travel Expense Rates

The table below shows the countries that provide some form of incentive or tax relief for commuting by bike

Country Value Comments
Austria 0.38/km A company will reimburse an employee €0.38/km for a business journey made by bicycle
Belgium 0.23/km A cyclist can claim €0.23/km for any journey they make when commuting from their home to work or between two places of work
Denmark kr1.99/km For each day you travel between your home and your workplace and the distance between these two is more than 12 km you are entitled to a deduction for transport.
France 0.25/km A voluntary scheme for companies allowing employees to claim a €0.25/km allowance exempted from social security contributions and income tax. Capped at €200 per year.
Germany 0.30/km A cyclist can €0.30 per km when travelling between home and work is an income tax reduction
India 0.00/km
Ireland 0.08/mile A business journey is one in which an employee travels from one place of work to another place of work in the performance of the duties of his/her employment but will generally involve a temporary absence from the normal place of work.
Kenya 0.10/km
Netherlands 0.19/km Travel expenses, including costs for commuting using a private vehicle, are part of the dedicated exemptions from payroll tax. Capped at €0.19 per kilometer.
United Kingdom £0.20/mile Employees who use their own cycle for business journeys are entitled to 20p per mile, tax-free