Did you know that if you travel between your main office and another of your company's or client offices you can claim the travel expense. Save time recording and calculating travel expenses by using Velow. Manually record your rides or integrate with Strava for GPS data and let Velow do the rest.

Integration with other cycle activity trackers coming soon.

DATA accuracy

If you are estimating distances you could be claiming less than what you're entitled to.

By using a bike computer or GPS data you can accurately record and validate the distance travelled and ensure you are claiming what you are entitled to.

Activity tracker integration

Integrate your account with a cycle activity tracker like Strava and allow Velow to do the rest.

Velow will use the data recorded by the activity tracker and automatically calculate the travel expense

Travel Savings

Cycle commuting is one of the cheapest and greenest forms of commuting.

Want to know how much your cycle commuting is saving you each year? Use Velow to keep track of your travel savings.


Velow provides at a glance information to show how much you can claim each day, month or year. Or use it to calculate the travel savings.


Use Velow to run a report for your accountant


  • 1

    STEP 1

    Create account

    For the best results go to and create a Strava account first, then 'Connect with Strava' in Velow

  • 2

    STEP 2


    Velow allows you to either manually enter rides or sync them with Strava

  • 3

    STEP 3


    View the Dashboard for at-a-glance feedback on the data you need

  • 4

    STEP 4


    Go to the Reports section to download a copy of your cycle log


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